Party Rental Equipment

Concession Equipment and Supplies

Cotton Candy

Carton of Flossugar (appox. 50 servings): bubble gum or blue raspberry$7.65
Cotton Candy Bags (per 100): $7.15
Cotton Candy Cones (per 25): $0.91
Cotton Candy Machine: 120 volt (standard wall outlet, 9 amp machine, base 14"W x 13 1/4"D x 19 1/2" T, 30 amp machine, base 14"W x 22"D x 171/2"T, (machines are 2'W x 3'T w/bowl and bubble$76.00

Hot Dog Machine

Hot Dog Machine: 120 volt (standard wall outlet), 8.3 amps, 21"W x 18"D x 11"H$73.00


Popcorn Bags (per 100): $3.60
Popcorn Machine: 120 volt (standard wall outlet) 13.1 amps, 18"W x 16"D x 35"H$74.00
Popcorn Machine on Cart: 120 volt (standard wall oulet), 13.1 amps, 18"W X 16"D X 35"H$97.25
Popcorn packs (per batch): individual packs which include popcorn, oil, salt, each pack makes 8-1 oz servings (ex. 24 packs will make approx 192 servings)$1.22


Gallon of Syrup (will make about 100 servings): blue raspberry, cherry, grape, or orange$10.35
Snocone Cups (per 200): $10.95
Sno-Cone Machine: 110 volt (standard wall outlet), 7 amps, 21"W x 16"D x 27" H with 26"W x 18" D tray, a 10 lb bag of ice will yield approximately 20 sno cones$74.00
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