Party Rental Equipment

Fans and Heaters


Hanging Tent Fan 18": attaches to poles, 300 watts 2.6 amps (installed price)$31.00
Pedestal 30": 6.5' tall, 115 volts, 2.7 amps$57.25
Rolling Box 48": 59" tall, 11 amps$102.00


Floor Model: 115 volts, 1.5 amps, 80,000 BTU, heats 20x20 area (includes 40lb propane tank) installed price $135.50
Standing Model: for patio, radiant heat, 40,000 BTU, adjustable heat controls, 7'3" high, 27.5lbs, heats an 18x18 area, not for indoor use, must have air circulation and must be 3' from top of tents or any other structures, (20lb propane tank included, tank lasts approx. 12 hours) installed price$100.00
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