Party Rental Equipment

Grills and Propane Cookers


Grill Top Griddle: flat top griddles will fit on top of our grills. They measure 36.5" x 17". This will cover ½ of the grill top. Using 2 griddles will cover the entire grill top.$25.00
Table Top Propane Unit: 23"L x 18 1/2"W x 6"T, (20 1/2L x16"W cooking space), 10,000 BTU (including 1lb propane tank)$60.20


Charcoal 2 x 5: holds 30- 40 lbs of charcoal; not included. Add 10-15 lbs of charcoal per hour to hold temperature.$68.00
Propane 2 x 5 with Briquets: with 20 lb propane tank$149.00
Propane 2 x 5 with Stainless Steel Burners: with 40 lb propane tank$127.00

Induction Cookware

11" Induction Ready Frypan: 11" Stainless Steel fry pan designed specifically for induction burners$8.00
8 Qt. Induction Ready Stock Pot: 8 Qt. Stainless Steel stock pot designed specifically for induction burners$15.00
9.5" Induction Ready Frypan: 9.5" Stainless Steel fry pan designed specifically for induction burners$7.00
Induction Burner: Uses a magnetic field to heat specially designed "induction ready" cookware. Choose between 500 to 1800 watts of power. Holds food at a specific exact temperature. (Pan rents separately)$31.00

Propane Cookers

1 Burner: 1 pot, 1 20 lb propane tank; 60,000 BTU, 13.75" x 13.75"W at burner, 16" x 16" W at base, 22"H with legs. Designed to heat quickly.$36.00

Propane Tanks

100 lb: $116.00
20 lb: $26.25
40 lb: $50.75
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