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Linen Specialty Patterns

*Please refer to the "Linen" heading in the Equipment Guide for a list of our solid color linens.


120" Round: Pecan, Sage$22.50
80x80: Pecan, Sage$15.75

Christmas Plaid

Napkin 20"x20": $0.75
Tablerunner 16"x120": $6.00

Faux Burlap

Softer Polyester alternative to traditional burlap

120" Round: $33.00
54x108: $22.00
54x54: $12.75
60x120: $22.00
84x84: $24.25
90" Round: $25.25
90x132 : $35.75
90x156: $42.00
96" Round: $25.25
Napkin 20"x20": $1.31
Sash: 7" wide x 108" long$3.50
Tablerunner 12"x120": $8.75
Tablerunner 12"x90" : $7.00


120" Round: Gold, Nude$81.50
54x54 : Blush, Gold, Nude, Silver$22.00
72x72: Gold,Nude$53.50
84x84: Blush $60.00
Tablerunner 12"x120": Blush,Gold$29.50
Tablerunner Black Sequins 12"x120": $12.00

Iridescent Crush

120" Round : Brown$29.50
50x50: Camel, Purple$9.00
84x84 : Teal$24.25
90x156 : Light Pink, White$35.25
Tablerunner 12"x120": Camel, Gold/Turquoise, Purple/Green, White$7.00


120" Round: Royal, Silver, Violet$29.50
50x50: Red$17.00
81x81: Brown, Moss $29.50
90x132: Royal$34.75
90x156: Royal,Violet$34.75
96" Round: Royal$16.50
Napkin 20"x20": Turquoise$1.42
Tablerunner 12"x120": Turquoise$12.00


54x54: White$15.75
Tablerunner 12"x120": Ivory, White$8.50
Tablerunner 12"x90": Ivory, White$7.50


54x54: Gold$7.50
80x80 : Silver$10.50

Matte Satin

108" Round: Ivory$26.25
120" Round: Blush, Ivory, Silver, Wheat$29.50
84x84: Wheat$24.00
90x156: Ivory$34.75
96" Round: Blush$16.50
Napkin 20"x20": Blush, Gold, Ivory$1.31
Tablerunner 12"x120": Apple, Camel, Coral, Gold, Silver$5.75


120" Round Black Metallic Scroll: Can also be used on reverse side to be a sliver metallic scroll$42.00
120" Round Circle Taffeta: Black with silver and black embroidered circles$33.75
54x108 Black and White Checked: $10.00
54x54 Black and Wite Checked: $6.00
54x54 Faux Denim: $9.50
60x120 Blue and White Checked: $10.25
60x120 Red and White Checked: $10.25
70x70 Blue and White Checked: $9.25
70x70 Red and White Checked: $9.25
72x72 Black and White Checked: $9.25
84x84 Circle Taffeta: Valentine (red).$17.00
84x84 Faux Denim : $20.00
84x84 Poly Satin : Navy$19.00
90x132 Poly Satin: Royal, Burgundy$34.75
Tablerunner Burlap 12"x90": $7.50
Tablerunner Faux Denim 12"X120": $8.00


120" Round Solid: Ironwood$28.00
54x54 Swirl: White$10.00
81x81 Solid: Ironwood$14.25
81x81 Swirl: Champagne$19.00
84x84 Swirl: Black$20.00


84x84: Gold, Silver$19.50
Tablerunner 12"x120": Gold$7.25


120" Round: Orange, Royal, Wheat$29.00
81x81 Nova: Black$17.00
84x84: Moss, Orange, Red(burgundy cast)$19.00
90x156: Royal$33.75
Tablerunner 12"x120": White$6.50
Tablerunner Nova 12"x120": Navy, Silver$6.50


120" Round Cabana Black and White Stripes: $37.50
120" Round Cabana Navy and White Stripe: $37.50
120"x120" Black and White Awning Stripe: $51.50
84x84 Eternity Stripe: Black, Gold$22.50
90x132 Cabana Navy and White Stripe: $28.50
96" Round Black and White Awning Stripe: $16.50
Napkin Black and White Awning Stripe 20"x20": $1.21
Napkin Satin Striped 20"x20": Black$0.61
Tablerunner Black and White Awning Stripe 12"x120": $9.50
Tablerunner Black and White Awning Stripe 12"x90": $7.50
Tablerunner Cabana Navy and White Stripe 12"x120": $9.50
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