Party Rental Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment

* Set up and take down of A/V equipment beyond regular on-site testing, including on-site manpower during a show is $35.00 per hour (one hour minimum is charged; time is portal to portal)

Easels and Accessories

4'x6' Marker Board: Can be set up vertically or horizontally. Includes tray for markers and eraser. Markers and eraser included.$72.00
Paper Pad: 27" X 34" (20 sheets)$6.60
Sign Holder Style: gold toned$9.25
Sign Holder Style: black $13.50


with microphone stand and light-no sound but it can be hooked up to "in house" sound if needed *20.00 deposit required on all podiums :

Floor Model Charcoal Carpeted: $52.00
Tabletop Model Charcoal Carpeted: $33.00

Projector Screens

Insta-Theatre Screen 60x80: 60" x 80", light weight and "one step setup"$46.50
Insta-Theatre Screen 48x64: 48" x 64", light weight and "one step setup"$37.25
PICO Screen: Lightweight portable projection screen. Only 16” long when closed. Viewing area of 13"x23", equivalent to a 16:9 HDTV format dimension. Carrying case included.$15.00
Skirt, Valance & Drape Kit for X-Large Screen: used to surround the X-large screen, made of silver bengaline, when a more formal appearance is required-total dimensions 14'T x 18'W (Screen rental is not included in this price)$113.50
X-Large Screen 9' T x 12' W: 9'x12' front or rear projection $155.00

Projector Units and Accessories

Keep in mind if you are using the multimedia projector to show a video or a DVD, you must also rent a VCR or DVD player, if you do not have one

Multimedia LCD Projector 3200 ANSI Lumens: This portable unit projects from computer, VCR, laser disc, DVD, camcorder, and TV to screen. It can be used in a room with normal lighting levels, 32300 ANSI lumens, 1024x768 XGA resolution, 16 watt audio output, 3000:1 contrast ratio with HDMI Input *$100.00 security deposit required$136.50
PICO Projector: Palm-sized, lightweight, and rechargeable. Project large widescreen images of up to 120" diagonal. Full assortment of I/O ports, including USB, VGA, HDMI and video, allows for easy connection to most analog or digital devices, 3000:1 Contrast Ratio *$100.00 security deposit required$75.00

Quebbie "DJ in a Box"

This fully programmable, integrated music system allows you to choose the music for your event. It provides digitally encrypted clear, crisp CD quality stereo sound. With over 6000 songs to choose from in a wide range of categories. It is perfect for weddings, promotional events, grand openings, indoor and outdoor parties. This unit is completely portable and incorporates the latest touch screen technology. You can program the music for an entire event as well as play instant requests on demand. It allows you to create custom play lists and the selections automatically cross fade for continuous music play. It will even direct your guest to the buffet and the bride and groom to the dance floor. The user has complete control and flexibility of the music played. Please call for additional information. Can be rented alone, with a small sound system, or with a large sound system.

DJ in a box: Uses standard RCA Connections. Easily connects to any commercial or home sound system.$283.00
DJ in a box with Free Standing Sound System: Comes with, "DJ in a Box", plus our free sound system which includes a 150 watt three channel amplifier/mixer and two speakers on tripods. Good for small or medium size events.$346.00

Sound/P.A. Systems and Accessories

6 Volt Battery for Lecterns: 2 in medium units$5.85
Bullhorn, 25 watt: electronic, battery included, reaches 1760 yards. $16.50
Free standing Sound System: 2 wired speakers on tripods, mixer/amp, includes a wired microphone and a 1/8 to 1/8 (headphone) cord for aux input $20.00 deposit required$87.00
Medium Floor Model Lectern: built in speaker and 2 small remote speakers, with wireless microphone included. For estimated audiences of 750 - 1250 *20.00 deposit required$152.00
Microphone Stand, Floor (BoomStyle): $9.50
Microphone Stand, Tabletop: $7.50
Microphone, Wired Hand Held: $16.75
Microphone, Wireless Hand Held: 1/2 price if rented with our sound system$75.00
Microphone, Wireless Lapel: 1/2 price if rented with our sound system$75.00
Portable Sound System: 8" heavy duty speaker. The system has 2 channels and can be run with ac adaptor or battery power. 12.8 lbs.$15.25
Small Tabletop Model Lectern: built in speaker and one small remote speaker, with wired microphone for audiences of 75-100 *20.00 deposit required$57.00

Video Equipment/ Televisions

50" LED Display Kit: 50"-50pk550c LED display, HDMI, VGA, AV component inputs, 300 watts depending on settings$235.00
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