Party Rental Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment

* Set up and take down of A/V equipment beyond regular on-site testing, including on-site manpower during a show is $35.00 per hour (one hour minimum is charged; time is portal to portal)

Easels and Accessories

4'x6' Marker Board: Can be set up vertically or horizontally. Includes tray for markers and eraser. Markers and eraser included.$75.50
Paper Pad: 27" X 34" (20 sheets)$6.60
Sign Holder Style: gold toned$9.75
Sign Holder Style: black $14.25


with microphone stand and light-no sound but it can be hooked up to "in house" sound if needed *20.00 deposit required on all podiums :

Floor Model Charcoal Carpeted: $54.75
Tabletop Model Charcoal Carpeted: $35.75

Projector Screens

Insta-Theatre Screen 60x80: 60" x 80", light weight and "one step setup"$49.00
Insta-Theatre Screen 48x64: 48" x 64", light weight and "one step setup"$37.25
PICO Screen: Lightweight portable projection screen. Only 16” long when closed. Viewing area of 13"x23", equivalent to a 16:9 HDTV format dimension. Carrying case included.$15.00
Skirt, Valance & Drape Kit for X-Large Screen: used to surround the X-large screen, made of silver bengaline, when a more formal appearance is required-total dimensions 14'T x 18'W (Screen rental is not included in this price)$113.50
X-Large Screen 9' T x 12' W: 9'x12' front or rear projection $163.00

Projector Units and Accessories

Keep in mind if you are using the multimedia projector to show a video or a DVD, you must also rent a VCR or DVD player, if you do not have one

Multimedia LCD Projector 3200 ANSI Lumens: This portable unit projects from computer, VCR, laser disc, DVD, camcorder, and TV to screen. It can be used in a room with normal lighting levels, 32300 ANSI lumens, 1024x768 XGA resolution, 16 watt audio output, 3000:1 contrast ratio with HDMI Input *$100.00 security deposit required$144.00
PICO Projector: Palm-sized, lightweight, and rechargeable. Project large widescreen images of up to 120" diagonal. Full assortment of I/O ports, including USB, VGA, HDMI and video, allows for easy connection to most analog or digital devices, 3000:1 Contrast Ratio *$100.00 security deposit required$75.00

Sound/P.A. Systems and Accessories

6 Volt Battery for Lecterns: 2 in medium units$5.85
Bullhorn, 25 watt: electronic, battery included, reaches 1760 yards. $16.50
Free standing Sound System: 2 wired speakers on tripods, mixer/amp, includes a wired microphone and a 1/8 to 1/8 (headphone) cord for aux input $20.00 deposit required$91.50
Medium Floor Model Lectern: built in speaker and 2 small remote speakers, with wireless microphone included. For estimated audiences of 750 - 1250 *20.00 deposit required$160.00
Microphone Stand, Floor (BoomStyle): $10.00
Microphone Stand, Tabletop: $7.50
Microphone, Wired Hand Held: $16.75
Microphone, Wireless Hand Held: 1/2 price if rented with our sound system$78.75
Microphone, Wireless Lapel: 1/2 price if rented with our sound system$78.75
Portable Sound System: 8" heavy duty speaker. The system has 2 channels and can be run with ac adaptor or battery power. 12.8 lbs.$16.00
Small Tabletop Model Lectern: built in speaker and one small remote speaker, with wired microphone for audiences of 75-100 *20.00 deposit required$60.00

Video Equipment/ Televisions

50" LED Display Kit: 50"-50pk550c LED display, HDMI, VGA, AV component inputs, 300 watts depending on settings$235.00
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