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Serpentine Table

Serpentine TableSerpentine Table Skirted Serpentine Table SkirtedTwo Serpentine Tables With A Round Table In The CenterMultiple Serpentine Tables With Serpentine Tablecover Fitted WhiteMultiple Serpentine Tables With A Round TableMultiple Serpentine Table Display With Cover And Skirting2 Serpentine Tables Serpentine Tables With Spandex Black TablecoversSerpentine Table With Spandex Black TablecoverSerpentine Tablecover Fitted BlackSerpentine Tablecover Top BlackSerpentine Tablecover Spandex BlackSerpentine Tablecover Fitted IvorySerpentine Tablecover Top IvorySerpentine Tablecover Fitted WhiteSerpentine Tablecover Top WhiteSerpentine Tablecover Spandex White

The serpentine tables are 8' on the outer curve and 4' on the inner curve. They are 30" wide. You can put 4 of then together to connect and make a 60" circle in the center. You can connect them going every other direction to make and S shape.

We have a variety of table cover options to choose from:

-The top only and use skirting to give a finished look

-The fitted cover that covers the top and goes to the floor

-The sleek spandex cover that cover the entire table

Serpentine Table

7122Table Serpentine Wood Topped #1$17.00
2172Serpentine Tablecover Fitted Black$13.00
4280Serpentine Tablecover Top Black$7.00
1205Serpentine Tablecover Spandex Black$39.00
7163Serpentine Tablecover Fitted Ivory$13.00
4248Serpentine Tablecover Top Ivory$7.00
7144Serpentine Tablecover Fitted White$13.00
4247Serpentine Tablecover Top White$7.00
2143Serpentine Tablecover Spandex White $39.00
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