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For Sale

We currently have the following used equipment for sale!

AV Opaque Projector$15.00
Bar Black Serpentine (Top & Bottom)$125.00
Barrels 55 gallon$10.00
Candelabra 7 Light Silver Pair$25.00
Candelabra 9 Light Silver Pair$25.00
Candelabra Aisle Attach to Pews Without Chimney Silver$5.00
Candelabra Aisle Chimney$0.50
Candelabra Aisle Free Standing without Chimney Brass or Silver$5.00
Candelabra Ivory Wrought Iron Pair$10.00
Candelabra Paradise Candles 8' or 12"$0.50
Candelabra Unity Floor Silver or Brass$15.00
Candlelighter Brass or Silver$10.00
Carpet Runner Matt Black 3'x5' $5.00
Carpet Runner Red 25' $15.00
Chair Sashes (good condition/not pressed) sold by the bag$4.00
Chair Sashes (good condition/pressed)$0.25
Chair Sashes (slightly damaged)$0.10
Chandeliers Plastic Globe for Tents$10.00
China Ivory Platter$1.00
China Saucer Plain Beige$0.10
Coffeemaker (Aluminum) 100 cup$10.00
Costume Santa$25.00
Costume Shepherd$10.00
Dance Floor Black & White Snaplock 1' edge$0.25
Dance Floor Black & White Snaplock 1'x1'section$0.75
Dish Rack (single slot)$20.00
Dish Racks$5.00
Glass Punch Cups$0.10
Glass Sherbert Cup$0.25
Glasses Assorted (Slightly Etched)$0.10
Griddle trays$45.00
Insinkerator Disposal$400.00
Napkins (good condition)$0.25
Napkins (slightly damaged)$0.10
Skirting 13' Section (good condition)$13.00
Skirting 13' Section (slightly damaged)$6.00
Skirting 8' Section (good condition)$8.00
Skirting 8' Section (slightly damaged)$3.00
Tablecloth 90x156 (good condition)$8.00
Tablecover 108" Round (good condition)$5.00
Tablecover 114x114 Square (good condition)$8.00
Tablecover 120" Round (good condition)$8.00
Tablecover 120" Round (slightly damaged)$4.00
Tablecover 120x120 (slightly damaged)$3.00
Tablecover 132" Round (good condition)$8.00
Tablecover 132" Round (slightly damaged)$4.00
Tablecover 54x108 (slightly damaged)$2.00
Tablecover 54x54 Square (good condition)$4.00
Tablecover 54x54 Square (slightly damaged)$2.00
Tablecover 60x120 (good condition)$5.00
Tablecover 60x120 (slightly damaged)$2.00
Tablecover 72"x72" Square (slightly damaged)$2.00
Tablecover 72x72 Square (good condition)$5.00
Tablecover 90" Round (good condition)$5.00
Tablecover 90" Round (slightly damaged)$2.00
Tablecover 90x132 (good condition)$8.00
Tablecover 90x132 (slightly damaged)$4.00
Tablecover 90x156 (slightly damaged)$4.00
Tablecover 90x90 (slightly damaged)$2.00
Tables 30” round, 42” leg & Base (most have damaged table surface)$50.00
Tables 36"x36" White Top$50.00
Tables 6' $70.00
Tables 8'$75.00
Tent 20x20 White Pole Tent $600.00
Tent Canopy 16x16 (yellow & white)$500.00
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